Two-thirds of the energy Americans use is either oil or natural gas.  High oil and natural gas prices are principally the result of supply and demand imbalance.  Americans are demanding more energy and as this demand has increased, we as a nation haven’t increased our supply of oil and natural gas- especially from domestically available resources.  The United States experienced a record 180.7 billion dollar petroleum trade deficit last year which poses a considerable national and economic security risk.  We MUST find new supplies of oil and natural gas here, in America.  The petroleum industry here at home is experiencing a period of recovery.  Oil and natural gas is abundant here in our country, and both can be developed utilizing American technology, American ingenuity, and on American soil.

Wilco Energy Corporation is one of about 5,000 independent oil producers in the United States that are answering the call to find more reasonable energy alternatives here at home.  Wilco Energy’s
mission is to be a dynamic oil exploration company focused on exploring and discovering oil in high potential, proven areas. 

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